Waterfalls in the region

Alta Vista Mountain Villa is situated high in the northern range of mountains of Bali with numerous rivers transecting the range. In the region are numerous waterfalls that have become popular with both locals and visitors alike as recreational attractions and as trekking destinations. Some of the waterfalls are easily accessible after very short, easy walks, but others require longer, moderate to more difficult treks through challenging terrain to access them. Some of the walks and treks take visitors through clove and coffee plantations along the way. Many waterfalls have plunge pools at the bases where visitors can take a dip.


Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is one of Bali’s most popular, located only a 10 km drive south of North Bali’s main town of Singaraja. The falls are easily accessible from the main road connecting Bedugul and Singaraja. The waterfall is accessible via a relatively easy trek, with a wooden boardwalk over a small gorge and cool streams.

Munduk (Melanting) Waterfall

This is one of the easiest waterfall walks. On the road between Wanagiri and Munduk villages, at a sharp and steep bend of the road, there is a path down which one enters the Munduk rainforest. The trail is partly paved and is shared with motorcycles. There are plantations of coffee, clove and other spices along the way. There is a small entrance fee to be paid to walk the final stretch to the waterfall. The jungle path opens up to an impressive tree fringed arena centred by the tallest waterfall in the area, with a plunge pool at the base that is quite safe to get into. The falls are impressive due to the high but narrow drop out of a jungle background. This waterfall can also be accessed via a fairly steep and winding path from the road from Munduk village down into the ravine below.

Tanah Barak (Red Coral) Waterfall

This is perhaps half the size of Melanting waterfall, but is more concentrated, delivering it water with incredible force. There are stairs going down to it, which are frequently very wet with spray. It is accessible via a soothing walk past coffee, clove, vanilla, avocado, and other plantations.

Golden Valley Waterfall

This waterfall is named after the surrounding clove trees which sparkle golden when the flowers are in full bloom. This waterfall is about 15 meters in height. The water is clean and clear and there is a pool under the waterfall which is safe for swimming.

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

This is not an easy waterfall to find, but is well worth the trek to see the cascades coming off a broad front of steep rocks, surrounded by virgin jungle. There is a rock pool at the bottom that you can swim in. The twin waterfalls are located in Wanagiri Village north of Lake Buyan and north of Alta Vista Mountain Villa. You will need a local guide to take you there and this can be arranged by the Villa staff.

Sekumpul Waterfall

This is a challenging waterfall to access if you want to get close up to it at the base as the trek takes an hour or more and the way downhill can be slippery if wet. But those who have done the trip know that it is a spectacular waterfall set amid lush jungle. However, tremendous views from above it are available after a 50 m trek from the end of a road. You will need a local guide to take you there and this can be arranged by the Villa staff.

Aling-Aling Waterfall

This is 11 km from the city of Singaraja near the village of Sambangan where there are road signs. It is a waterfall with a unique split at the top, giving rise to two water streams cascading down at different speeds. The daring can slide down the natural rock slide created by the waterfall. A local guide is recommended and this can be arranged by the Villa staff.