The design


Alta Vista Mountain Villa is skillfully designed to make the estate buildings blend harmoniously with the mountain terrain and the surrounding village ambience. Upon arrival, the entrance pavilion welcomes visitors through a Bangkiray feature door flanked by Kerobokan stone facades. Once inside the door, a sense of serenity is immediately evident to the visitor. There are serene reflecting pools on either side of a walkway over water. The ponds are fed by water gently trickling down slate waterfalls. The pools are surrounded by lush, verdant vegetation. Ascending a stately staircase flanked by water and greenery, the visitor arrives at the main pavilion of the estate, which overlooks the pools and the bedroom villas which are set amid lush gardens. From the driveway and entrance pavilion, Alta Vista is wheelchair accessible to all parts of the Main Pavilion, the pool deck, the lower level of the Treehouse and to three of the five bedroom villas.

Estate Design

The property is built as a series of elegant and carefully sited bedroom villas distributed around a main living and dining pavilion which opens out onto onto the deck of a large, free form infinity pool, a Jacuzzi and an outdoor poolside fireplace. All parts of the property, including every bedroom villa, are blessed with unblocked rolling views down the hillsides to the northern coastline. The entire estate is beautifully landscaped and planted with botanical varieties that thrive in the cool and moist mountain climate. The estate is conceived as a series of villas hidden away amidst lush and beautiful gardens. There is a “Treehouse” at the highest point of the estate, comprising a play area for children on the ground floor and a casual lounge on the upper level which has the most stupendous views of the entire estate and the surrounding mountains down to the north coast. This is the best place to experience spectacular sunsets, lounging in bean bags with a drink in hand.

Main Pavillion

The open pitch living pavilion of 100 square metres is open to cool breezes on three sides and comprises a luxurious lounge, an elegant dining room with a natural wood block dining table and a long bar, behind which is a fully equipped kitchen. The living area provides a luxurious feel with marble flooring, Palimanan feature walls and all bespoke designer furniture and lamps. The outsized central bar counter is a natural, informal meeting place and watering hole for guests. The eight-panel folding door separating the living space and the kitchen when closed presents a series of full height bronze mirrors in which mountain views and glorious sunsets across the pool deck are reflected back into the living space.

Bedroom Villas

There are five bedroom villas, four of which, the Luxury Villas, have a generous 78 square metres of personal space each, comprising a 50 square metre bedroom that includes a spacious walk-in wardrobe plus working desk cum dresser and personal refreshment bar, opening into an expansive bathroom. In addition, each bungalow benefits from a covered porch of 12 square metres and an open Bangkiray deck of 16 square metres. There is one Suite Villa at the highest level of the property which is the largest, with a magnificent 103 square metres of private space, inclusive of 75 square metres of internal space comprising a bedroom, walk-in wardrobe plus writing desk cum dresser and personal refreshment bar, an expansive bathroom and a connected living room which doubles as an added bedroom for two children when required. In addition this bungalow has a 12 square metre covered porch and 16 square metres of open Bangkiray deck. The design emphasises comfort, style and luxury, coupled with ergonometric functionality of all the living spaces.

Pool & Jacuzzi

The infinity pool is in free form with a maximum length of 15 metres and laid with elegant iridescent Balinese green stone, accented by natural Candi stone edging.  There is a shallow portion for children with a maximum depth of 40 cm, sloping down to a depth of 120 cm in the main pool. The pool is heated to a comfortable temperature of 27 degrees Celsius by means of an environmentally friendly heat pump, which also provides hot water for the 6-seater Jacuzzi to one side of the pool. The pool cascades gently down slate stone clad sides as a gentle waterfall, producing a restful sound of falling water that suffuses the property.  The elegant, sinuous cascades of the pool form a piece of visual and auditory art at the heart of the property. The centrepiece of the pool deck is the designer fire pit, which is a genuine crackling, wood-burning fireplace that provides a warm and comforting ambience in the cool evenings. At the bottom of the garden is an open garden pavilion which can be used as quiet place for reading or relaxing, or as an exercise bale.

Treehouse and Garden Pavilion

There is a 5 metre square two storey “Treehouse” at the highest point of the estate, comprising a multipurpose area on the ground floor, which can be used as a children’s play area or an exercise area, and a casual lounge with a bar on the upper level which has the most stupendous views of the entire estate and the surrounding mountains and valleys down to the north coast. This is the best place to experience spectacular sunsets, with a drink in hand. At the bottom of the lower garden is an open sided garden pavilion of 5 metres square. This can be a quiet place to read or meditate, or have an exercise session. It can also be converted into an especially private dining venue, or even a wedding pavilion.