Tours and Transport

Alta Vista has partnered with Bali-Mardy-Tours, a local vehicular tours and transport company based in Benoa. The owner of the company, Mr Wayan Mardana (affectionately known as “Mardy”), is well known to the owners of Alta Vista for over 10 years.

Mardy has a fleet of various vehicles for all group sizes and a team of drivers cum guides with special qualities: They all speak good English, they are safe drivers, they know Bali better than the backs of their hands, they know the backroads through charming village terrain that avoid heavy traffic and most importantly, they know many attractions in Bali that are off the conventional tourist track and afford unique opportunities to experience the unspoiled Bali. With Mardy and his team, even a transfer from airport to your resort destination can become a touring adventure in itself.

Mardy is Alta Vista’s preferred transport and vehicular tour provider and Mardy is offering exceptional and personalised service to guests staying at Alta Vista at hard-to-beat prices.

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Because Alta Vista is located high in the mountains of north Bali, transport can be difficult to come by as there is no commercial taxi service. We highly recommend that guests at Alta Vista retain Mardy’s drivers/guides and cars for the entire duration of their stay, starting from pick up from the airport or from a location elsewhere in Bali to final drop off at the airport or another location in Bali. The cars may be parked at Alta Vista and the drivers will be looked after by our staff and given overnight accommodation and meals at Alta Vista at no cost to our guests. Retaining the services of vehicle and driver throughout the stay ensures maximum convenience at the most economic cost. Guests can take short or long trips or multiple trips every day, even without prior planning, at whim or fancy, at any time. This allows guests to explore all the attractions around Alta Vista and sample local cuisines or go shopping.

Rates for Mardy’s services are provided in table below. The rates are quoted for regular vehicles carrying 4 passengers each, plus luggage as necessary. Mardy can organise larger vehicles if there is a party of more than 4 guests who wish to travel and tour together in the same vehicle. The price for larger vehicles will be quoted separately upon request.

Rates for Mardy’s services:


Rates per vehicle based on 4 passengers per vehicle

Single isolated transfer to or from Alta Vista, without any side trips, for arrivals and departures only.

USD $45 for one way transfer


Single isolated transfer to or from Alta Vista, inclusive of side trips en route, for arrivals and departures only.

USD $55 for each journey

Continuous hire of vehicle/driver starting from transfer to Alta Vista plus touring on the day of arrival up to 12 hours of service (first day of hire), with continuing daily service of up to 12 hours a day, ending with transfer from Alta Vista plus touring on the day of departure up to 12 hours of service (last day of hire).

We highly recommend this package as the most convenient and economical option. Retaining a vehicle/driver during the entire stay provides maximum flexibility of movement with use of transport at whim or fancy at any time.

USD $45 a day

Discontinuous hire of vehicle/driver on a day to day basis for up to 12 hours of service a day to tour any destination in Bali, beginning and ending at Alta Vista.

USD $55 a day