Spa Services

Alta Vista Bali offers a range of quality spa services, which can be enjoyed at any of the many beautiful locations in Alta Vista, such as in the tree house, the garden pavilion, the pool deck, or at your villa, either inside or on your private wooden deck. 

Please let the villa staff know your request for time and choice of spa treatment. Should you wish to have treatments in the mornings, please let the staff know by the night before. For afternoon or evening treatments, please let the staff know in the morning. It is also possible to request for therapists at short notice, but it will depend on their availability.

We offer the following range of treatments. Treatments may of course be combined according to your preference.


Traditional Balinese Massage

A local style of massage combining soothing and relaxing strokes and pressure point massage, using blends of essential oils infused with Indonesian spices and flowers

60/90/120 minutes 

Traditional Japanese Shiatsu

A full body dry massage with acupressure

60/90/120 minutes 

Aromatherapy Massage

A traditional Balinese style of massage with the additional benefit of being suffused in an atmosphere of aromatherapy from warming up special essential oils (only inside your personal villa as a closed space is needed)

60/90/120 minutes 

Four Hands Massage

Special traditional Balinese massage by 2 therapists working in unison, providing an amazing “stereoscopic” experience in massage!

60/90/120 minutes 

Thai Massage

An energizing and rigorous dry massage with pressure point massage and stretches to limber up your joints

60/90/120 minutes 

Foot Massage

A relaxing yet stimulating special foot massage, exceptionally delightful after a hard day of walking or trekking

30/60 minutes 

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A thoroughly relaxing exotic traditional massage experience that refreshes and rejuvenates

30/60 minutes 


Natural Facial Treatment

Using local and traditional facial products

Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment

Using local and traditional facial products with the addition of essences of Green Tea

Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment

Using local and traditional facial products with the addition of essences of Aloe Vera



Nail trimming, cuticle cleaning, buffer, scrub and nail colour


Nail trimming, cuticle cleaning, buffer, credo, scrub and nail colour


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